Friday, January 14, 2011

PublishAmerica Land of confusion

These emails speak for themselves. From what I gather, if you even reply to their email to ask a simple question regarding expiration of your contract, that would be giving them consent to automatically renew it.

"Dear Toni LoTempio:

"Your contract with PublishAmerica for A Spy in the Hand will soon expire. If you would like for the contract to be renewed for another seven years on the same terms and conditions as specified in the original contract, please send a signed response in reply to this e-mail indicating your assent to renewal. Your typewritten name at the end of your reply e-mail will suffice as your signature. If you do not reply, the contract will expire, all rights will revert to you, and your book will be out of print.

Have a good day,
PublishAmerica Support."

Second e-mail:

"Dear Toni LoTempio:

We are in receipt of your request not to extend the contract. As such,
your contract for, A Spy in the Hand, will expire and your book will
go our of print on 4/1/2011. This emails serves as your written notice
of such."

And the third is:

"Dear author:

Your book A Spy in the Hand, has shown no sales for longer than a year.

At this time you may want to have your book's publishing rights reverted back to you.

We can arrange that.

Go to and instruct us to return the rights to you. In the Ordering Instructions box, write your name and the title of your book. You will receive the termination documents by mail. There are no strings attached to this termination except the $99 processing fee that covers our administration costs and our de-listing obligations to vendors and/or wholesalers. You must choose a shipping option to activate your rights return instruction.

Thank you for having been a PublishAmerica author, or for sticking around if that's what you prefer!

--PublishAmerica Author Support Team"

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