Friday, December 3, 2010

PublishAmerica: Up Up and Away

The Kiwanis club held a charity raffle. The winners recieved a prize of a helicopter ride...guess who shows up as the pilot? It's Alice Meiners in a chopper owned by Willem Meiners. When the winners return they speak of going up in the clouds, much too high for Alice to have been flying. Here's the clincher, during the time of this ride, her license did not permit her to have passengers.



Street 208 Crestview CT
City Frederick State MD
County Frederick Zip Code 21702-4031
Country USA



Medical Class: Third Medical Date: 4/2/08


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DOI: 9/16/08



She did not have any rating that would permit her to do anything other than fly solo, visual flight rules only and she could not carry any passengers. This is the second documented incident of Alice taking passengers that we were able to find.

We have a short film that documents the incident with the Kiwanis raffle winners. This is one of the goofiest take-offs ever and the two passengers, mother and son, are really lucky to have made it back alive. They are oblivious to the potential danger. I am not a pilot. However, military pilots have reviewed this video and have confirmed that Alice did not have control of this helicopter.

What's more, Alice and Willem live in Whiteplains, which is a community built on a runway. DespiTe this, they do not currently own an aircraft and have not since July 24, 2009. Alice Meiners obtained her license on Sept 16, 2008 and the helicopter crashed ten months later (much more about that later.)

Alice Meiners does not have a current license and we are still investigating to find out why.


Anonymous said...

There are, also, photos of Alice flying members of Meiners family around at their 2008 Christmas event.

And there are photos of Alice flying Whiteplains neighbors around in July of 2009 just 11 days before her helicopter crashed.

Her flying violations bring her credibility into question as the executive director of AHYF formerly HELP.

Anonymous said...

Any chance of reporting her to the FAA?

Not because she's connected to Meiners, but because she is being bloody STUPID and could get someone killed.

There are old pilots and bold pilots, but now old, bold pilots.

Anonymous said...

Reporting her to the FAA? No, all they could do is suspend or revoke her license and she no longer has a license.


Reverend Sinthyia Moderator said...

Makes you wonder who is actually reading these articles all the way through, doesn't it?

Reverend Sinthyia Moderator said...

Be that as it may, it does make me wonder exactly why she no longer has that license.