Thursday, November 25, 2010

PublishAmerica's Half-Assed Press Release

By Rev. Sinthyia Darkness

Here we go again. The Maryland Publisher, PublishAmerica has earned my scorn again. As a member of the news media and editor of a high fashion magazine, I deal with PR agencies, designers and celebrities on a daily basis. Marketing and promotion is a key element in making or breaking your product and thus, a well written press release is a must! In my investigative reports, that most of you who are my regular readers are familiar with, I discussed the lack of book promotion and even denying the news media access to review copies. I have discovered a press release written for a PublishAmerica book. What is not clear, is whether this press release was written by someone at PublishAmerica or perhaps by the author himself. I suspect the former and when you read it, I’m sure you will understand my suspicion.

This is unquestionably, the sloppiest press release ever written. This is amateurish at best, but stands as an excellent demonstration of how NOT to write a press release. It reads like an advertisement for PA! What author would title their press release “Please visit Id 123454?” I read this release three times looking for any hint of the author or the book title. The author’s name appears all the way down at the the bottom as the contact person, but you wouldn’t know this unless you visited the PA website. Even so, his company name is listed as PublishAmerica, as if Mr. Granger is a paid employee of the company. I do not know of any author who would promote the publisher and not his own name or the title of his work. And who would ever call 24.95 a low book price? While we’re at it, what exactly is a “free discount?”

With an absurd release like this, would you really want to read this book? Tisk, tisk, PA. More absurd is the synopsis, slaves are missing from mars.. could the aliens have something to do with it? Sounds like we need to call out Perry Mason and all the more reason this author needs some good publicity to sell this.

In this press release (published on, the title of the book is mentioned once as “Keyword,” and never designates it as the book title! I nearly fainted straight away. This press release never even mentions the name of the author who wrote it… Last time I checked, a press release is written to promote the product, not the publisher. More epic phail, from a name we have come to trust in that regard.

Without further ado, I have archived this doosie for posterity: You can read it at its original location here.

Please visit New Book Now on Sale


Baltimore, Maryland, United States of America ( November 17, 2010 –
New book now on Sale

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Book is now in print, and is available at PublishAmerica Online Bookstore

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Product Description

“Star Fox 108 is on a mission to investigate missing slaves. These slaves work at the main extraction facility on Mars. Can aliens have possibly taken them? Captain Stevens of Star Fox 108 believes there are no aliens on Mars. But if there aren�t, then who or what is responsible for the disappearances?

As Star Fox 108 nears a landing on Mars� surface, the crew experiences technical problems. They seem to lose communication with spacecraft bases on Earth. Afraid of running out of fuel and oxygen, most of the crew enter a derelict spacecraft. They find out that the spacecraft Odyssey was manufactured a long time ago, due to it�s outdated facilities. However, Odyssey provides them with the fuel they need to get back to the base.

Amazed by the existence of the newfound spacecraft and the dire need to solve the mystery of the missing slaves, explorers return to Mars. What they discover is beyond their imagination.”


Anonymous said...

HELP!! I also feel that Publish America only publishes books to sell them back to the authors. I have threatened a law suit and asked to be released from the contract. They refused. Should we all consider a class-action suit?

Rev. Sinthyia said...

Anonymous, PublishAmerica's own articles of incorporation does establish them as a vanity press and not a commercial publisher. Your own contract provides you with a remedy in the event that issues like yours arise from your contract with them. Asking and threatening them will do nothing.

I receive questions all the time pertaining to a class action. You can consider it all you want. But the truth is, a lawsuit would never certify as a class.

Anonymous said...

Since this is the first and only time I have had a book published, I knew nothing about articles of incorporation, vanity vs commercial publishers. What do you mean when you say "Your own contract provides you with a remedy in the event that issues like yours arise from your contract with them." I would accept all help to know how to be relinquished from my contract.
Many thanks to any information that would help

Anonymous said...

I also sent an email to the Governor of Maryland to have Publish America investigated for perpertrating a SCAM on the public. I am also investigating other avenues with an attorney.