Thursday, November 25, 2010

PublishAmerica Is Publishers Printing House

As if Independence Books was not enough, we have discovered another literary pothole to you need be sure to dodge. Publishers Printing House, to me sounds confusingly close to Publishers Clearing House, but don't expect the likes of Willem Meiners to show up at your doorstep with the balloons and giant check.

There has been speculation that Publishers Printing House is run by those who also run PublishAmerica and Victor Cretella III, the registered agent, has been very dutiful in keeping the names well hidden. Make no mistake, this company is associated with PublishAmerica, who in all honesty would have been better off calling themselves Print America or PPH. Publishers Printing House describes their company as "is an independent book printer." much like PA calls themselves "a traditional publisher."

On Publishers Printing House's website, they make the claim that "we print a 200-page 6x9 or 5.5x8.5 perfect bound paperback for well under $4." and that they can print "in any quantity from as low as 1 copy to 10,000 copies or more."

So why is it that PublishAmerica, with the ability and access to this POD equipment, continues to charge its authors outrageous prices for the same printng quality that they are offering the general public for "well under $4?" And now we see just how big of a profit that PublishAmerica has been making. You can visit the Publishers Printing House website here.

My first clue was when I located the DNS information for In case you have missed it, here it is: is a domain controlled by two name servers at Both are on different IP networks. The primary name server is Incoming mail for is handled by one mail server at has one IP number ( , but the reverse is,,,, and at least two other hosts point to the same IP and also shares both name servers and mail servers.,, and point to the same IP and also shares name servers. point to the same IP. share both name servers and mail servers with this domain.,,,, and at least 100 other hosts share name servers with this domain.,,,, and at least 21 other hosts share mail servers under another name with this domain. are subdomains to this hostname

Our cyber sleuths determined that Publishers Printing House LLC, filed its articles of organization on April 2, 2007. However, the entity was forfeited for failure to file its property returns for 2008. Articles of reinstatement were filed on March 3, 2010. Publishers Printing House was revived! (good grief).

Notice that the address listed on the articles of reinstatement is 230 E. Patrick St. in Frederick Maryland. Then have a look at he personal property findings, where Publishers Printing House lists their mailing address as PO Box 151 Frederick Maryland 21701, which is the same as PublishAmerica LLP.

Here is another screenshot of the articles of reinstatement:

Looks to me like PublishAmerica is going through a lot of trouble to disguise any sort of connection with PPH, lest authors come to realize just how badly their books are overpriced by a company that has the means to produce them at a low price.

I suspect that this company too, will do a vanishing act just like Independence Books did.

Want more evidence that PPH is the same as PA? It seems there was a bit of a slip up. PA is well known for these. On the PPH website, there is a slideshow showing us the lean mean printing machine, along with stacks of book covers being printed. If you look closely, you can clearly see the PublishAmerica logo on the back of the book being printed!

Yep. That's a copy of Free Men being printed. You know PublishAmerica did not charge this author $4 to print this copy either. So much for "we print a 200-page 6x9 or 5.5x8.5 perfect bound paperback for well under $4."


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