Thursday, November 25, 2010

Author Sally Stern Wins PublishAmerica Lawsuit

This just in from PublishAmerica land, could explain what was up with those ridiculously overprices leather editions. Author Sally Stern has won her breach of contract lawsuit against PublishAmerica to the tune of $10,880.00. The Maryland publisher was ordered to give Ms. Stern the rights to her book and pay damages to her. The litigation took place in Maryland State court and the judgement was just entered today. Victor Cretella was present on behalf of the Defendant, PublishAmerica. No word on whether or not Mr. Cretella attempted to use the demon defense in this litigation.

Doc No./Seq No.:60/0
File Date:10/29/2010
Close Date:11/05/2010Decision:

Document Name:Open Court Proceeding/Hearing Held

Civil Jury Trial Day Three. (Stepler,J.) Atty. Mastromarco present with Plaintiff. Atty. Cretella present on behalf of Defendant. Plaintiff’s oral motion to Amend Complaint to add a count of (Tortious interference) – Denied. Defendant’s motion for Judgment – Denied. Plaintiff’s motion for Judgment – Granted on the issue of liability. Defendant conveys to Plaintiff all publishing rights by agreement. Verdict: Damages awarded to Plaintiff against Defendant in the amount of $10,880.00. CR2

Doc No./Seq No.:61/0
File Date:11/05/2010Close Date:11/05/2010Decision:
Document Name:Judgment Indexed on 11/05/10

Doc No./Seq No.:62/0
File Date:11/05/2010Close Date:11/05/2010Decision:
Document Name:Judgment Notice Issued

Doc No./Seq No.:63/0
File Date:11/05/2010Close Date:11/05/2010Decision:
Document Name:Notice of Recorded Judgment

Doc No./Seq No.:64/0
File Date:11/05/2010Close Date:11/05/2010Decision:
Document Name:Verdict Sheet

Be sure to read my undercover investigative reports on PublishAmerica, that were first published in the Examiner news. I moved them to this website after attorney Victor Cretella acting on behalf of PublishAmerica sent my personal information including but not limited to my Social Security number to the news media.

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