Thursday, November 25, 2010

Notice of New Ownership

Its been fun but its time for me to move on. Back in 2007 I created this website out of my frustration with Publish America. I wanted to warn people about this company so that they didn't make the same mistake that I did. Unknown to any of us at that time was the Reverend Sinthyia Darkness' investigation of Publish America. After her reports were published she became viewed as an expert in all things PA. She did it with class, dignity and without all the rhetoric that we have all read in the Internet complaints. Three years of writing this website is enough for me and I am handing the keys over to Sinthyia because she is the one who can best answer your questions and can offer you the informative articles that you are looking for.

By the way before I leave, I want to set the record straight about these rumors of a class action lawsuit. The rumors about Sinthyia organizing this lawsuit were not started by me. I ran across that information on a message board. Just the same, I also had nothing to do with the Publish America scam page on Facebook. I don't do Facebook.

This website is in more than capable hands now. Keep up the excellent work, Reverend. You can also thank her for tidying up the website too.


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