Friday, November 26, 2010

PublishAmerica: Nora Roberts Howdy Neighbor Special

This has to be one of the strangest "Dear Author" letters that I have ever read from PublishAmerica. This gem was sent out to its authors on July 26th 2010. You know, I won't be surprised if PA starts printing proofs of purchase on the back of their books. Sure, you can cut them out, paste them on a card and mail them in for all sorts of nifty prizes!

Dear author:

We will send you a hardcover copy of The Search by top author Nora Roberts for FREE. Her book was released just days ago.

Living in next-door Boonsboro, Maryland, Nora Roberts is virtually PublishAmerica’s neighbor. And you know what? We will knock on her door and see if she is willing to sign your copy!

Nora’s latest blockbuster, already a New York Times #3 bestseller, is critiqued as one of her best and one of her most riveting romance novels ever. It is our gift to you.

Here’s how:

Go to, find your softcover, add to cart, use this discount coupon: NoraRoberts50. Use it on your softcover only. All non-softcover orders under this coupon will not be processed, so you’ll be wasting your money if you try. Minimum purchase volume is only 6 copies. Your discount is 50 pct, and your shipment will include Nora Roberts’s book, our gift to you.

In the Ordering Instructions box write “Nora Roberts Yes” if you want us to ask her to sign your copy.

Offer valid three days only.

Thank you.
–PublishAmerica Bookstore


Thomas said...

Now, don't call anything you write a "sting" because you're going to ruin your headlines when PublishAmerica offers to send your book to Sting, or offers something from him.

Rev. Sinthyia Darkness said...

Sting was an English teacher. I should think if PA sent anything to him, we would have heard about it, if for no other reason, to thank PA for lowering his heating bills.

And to Meiners Sting says, "Don't Stand So Close To Me"

Rev. Sinthyia Darkness said...

Or maybe "Money for nothin' and the books for free?"