Tuesday, November 30, 2010

PublishAmerica calls Author 'Ungrateful'

This takes the cake. We just spotted an interesting exchange on PublishAmerica's Facebook page.

Author Raven Goben wrote: "When I started writing just less than two years ago seemed every door was slammed in my face. Then I made the very bad decision and went to publish America. I have written 8 books in this short time 6 of which have gotten published. Two turned down yet I feel I am getting nowhere. I have to do all my own foot work and ...seems my name is not getting out. I guess when one says you have to have money to make money it was no joke. All who have read my books love them. So I guess that is a plus. Yet I have decided that I will not be publishing any more with this publisher. I am in need of another publisher and an agent that will work off commission. If anyone can guide me in the right direction it would be of great honor and gratitude.
Thank You
Christopher Goben The Raven

To that, PublishAmerica shot back with this:

PublishAmerica Book Publisher : "Raven, why would you write such an ungrateful post on the only pulbisher {sic) who was willing to give you a shot without you having to pay a dime? Do you think such public posts will look good to other potential publishers?"

Stop the presses!!! PA are you saying that there is no future with you "traditional" publishing company? You know that the major publishers, you know the commercial book publishers, would never dare suggest that their authors are going elsewhere. This is not an ungrateful post. Its an honest one. Don't you worry, Mr. Raven will surely find his way here eventually. Why should these authors be grateful for locking them into a ridiculously long 7 year contract (which nobody else does), denying them bonafide book reviews and yet sell them services like editing by unknown "professional re-writers," and let's not forget about the bogus donations to the Get Caught Reading fund, the Book Expo seat auction, the book donations to multi-million dollar retail outlets like Wal-Mart (which do not inventory books by this publisher and have no other alternative but to return them or toss them in the trash).

One can only hope that the Facebook comment was not authored by one of their "professional re-writers."

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