Thursday, May 27, 2010

Two Days, your book for $4.99

This appeared like a good deal. PublishAmerica routinely sends these sales "incentives" to their authors. Over time, they become more ridiculous and desperate. Nonetheless, $4.99 sure beats paying full price. How much of a discount are you really getting? First of all a minimum is 5 copies. 4.99 X 5 = $24.95 . What is conspicuously missing from this letter is the shipping price. Our team inquired and we were told "The standard shipping and processing is $3.99 per book. "
Ouch! Their shipping and "processing" fee is anything but standard. It has been inflated to compensate for the discount. Figure that in and your author cost per book is $8.98... some discount! Shame on you, PublishAmerica!

PublishAmerica Bookstore wrote:
From: PublishAmerica Bookstore
Subject: Two Days, Your Book: $4.99
To: Undisclosed

Dear Author:

Two days only, authors only. For those who want inexpensive copies on hand:
Your book for $4.99 .

Go to, use this coupon: MyBook. Minimum order volume is 5 copies. To serve you faster, we're taking these orders a little differently from how we usually do it, so: in the Ordering Instructions, be sure to mention the title and preferably also the ISBN of your book!

Thank you,
PublishAmerica Bookstore

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