Thursday, May 27, 2010

PublishAmerica is a scam!!!

Found this video while surfing the net. Listen to this man. He speaks the truth about this publisher. We appreciate his candor.


Stephanie Olivieri said...

OMG I am having so many issues with them. My novel was "published" if you can call it that, 3 years ago. Now it isn't for sale through any site except theirs, and I have sent about 50 emails asking why and they keep sending me form emails back and or saying that I am "ranting". Now I am hiring a lawyer. It sucks, they suck. Good for you for putting this up.

PublishAmerica Scam said...


Can you send me these nasty and abusive emails? I will not publish your name or email address.

You would be doing a lot of people a big favor.