Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The clock is ticking PublishAmerica!

By our calculations today is the deadline for PublishAmerica to file a response in the class action lawsuit that has been filed against them Case Number 12-cv-1696. You can view the docket here. The crime blog "Bogus Barrister" first broke the story on June 11th 2012. Within 24-48 hours the story went viral in the literary community and the information was published on sites like Writer Beware. Many of us have been wondering about exactly whom will be representing PA in this action. Will they hire a law firm or will they send in Mr. Cretella who infamously penned the response to JK Rowling? Considering that no extension has been filed and this response will be filed last minute, we would say the latter scenario. Hmmm. I sure wonder if Dave Kuzminski's name will be thrown at these lawyers? I don't think attorneys of their caliber would be neither impressed nor intimidated by claims of a meager 50k judgment.

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