Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A PublishAmerica authors wants to know

In response to learning of the news that a class action lawsuit has been filed against PublishAmerica, authors are asking questions about the allegations in the lawsuit.

Donna Lea Simpson
Did PublishAmerica really promise to pitch author books to J. K. Rowling, as this article and the one in PW suggests? I'd be interested to hear PublishAmerica's side of this?

Unhappy authors file class action suit against PublishAmerica
Authors unhappy with the services of PublishAmerica -- which is sort of a traditional publisher, but also sort of like a self-publisher -- have filed suit against the company...Share · 47 minutes ago

Of course they did. They offered to show JK Rowling these author's books for $49 bucks and that she would offer some sort of critique. Why would she want to hear PublishAmerica's version of this story? There is a Cease and Desist letter that came from Ms. Rowling's people in response to it. PublishAmerica famously made the ordeal public and threatened to sue the world famous author of Harry Potter after she called them out for using her name in their caper.

In light of the lawsuit, PA isn't likely to comment or respond to this author. My guess is this comment will be scrubbed from their Facebook page.

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