Sunday, June 17, 2012

Class Action Lawsuit filed against PublishAmerica

Authors have waited a long time for this. PublishAmerica Scam, knew for a long time that a class action lawsuit was being planned. Here is our post from 2010. A class action lawsuit has been filed by three authors against Maryland Publisher, PublishAmerica. The crime blog Bogus Barrister was the first to report on this story six days ago on June 11th. Since then, other blogs and websites have been reporting it and the story is picking up momentum. Herein lies evidence that a lot of these "watchdogs" have a hidden agenda when they won't give credit to the original source of information. You can read the entire complaint here.

The Hagens Berman law firm has taken on this case, so you know it's serious business. The lawsuit alledges that the company misleads authors, promising to publish and promote their books when the company actually profits by charging authors for promotional services that are themselves misrepresented. It will be very interesting indeed to read PublishAmerica's response to this lawsuit. We will keep you posted.

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