Tuesday, December 6, 2011

PublishAmerica Throw Your Book At President Obama

Classic lulz from the blog of Rev. Sinthyia Darkness. This was published back in October 2010 and in case you missed it, here it is. Enjoy!

Dear author,

Ever wonder what it takes to get your book noticed? Hard work, determination and when all else fails throw the book at 'em. Did you see how much publicity the author who threw a copy of his book at President Obama has gotten? We at PublishAmerica have too and so we are making this one time offer to throw YOUR book at President Obama. That's right! We're warming up our pitching arms. Do you want us to clock the president on your behalf and score all sorts of news articles?

Here's how we do it: Go to www.publishamerica.net, find your softcover, use this discount coupon: DuckObama. Minimum order volume is just 4 softcovers. Orders of 12 or more softcovers will get you the chance to throw it at Mr. Obama yourself. Throw all 12 copies at him if you like. Yes, the added bonus of having the Secret Service wrestling you to the ground is every author's dream come true. Use it as inspiration for your next blockbuster novel!

Use coupon on your softcover only. PAperbacks are not softcovers, and are excluded. Fullcolor books are included.

Be quick: offer expires on Monday.

Thank You,

--PublishAmerica Bookstore

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