Tuesday, December 6, 2011

PublishAmerica Pay For your own Book Tour

No mention of who is going to pay for these books and just how many you would have to buy but no matter. It is doubtful that PA has thought that far ahead.

My Book Tour

by: PublishAmerica

Price: $89.00

Product Description
If going on a book tour is something you have always dreamed about, your time has come! Our team does all the leg work: they talk to the book vendors, they negotiate the details, they work to make all the arrangements.
All you have to do is keep the schedule of your book tour, show up, and sign the books for your readers.
You will be contacted by your Book Tour agent within 48 business hours. They will ask you for your availability and the locales of your availability, for information about local bookstores and other area venues and anything else that may be helpful, and for your local media. Once one or more events are scheduled, they will contact your local media with details about your book tour. Limited to USA and Canada.
Must choose shipping option to activate. No use of coupons allowed. Mention your book title(s).
Shipping is $3.99 to $12.00

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