Wednesday, November 16, 2011

PublishAmerica is Hiring!

Guess what that means, authors? It means you get to buy more copies of your books. Congratulations! Anybody have links or copies of their help wanted ads?

Dear author:

Thank you.

In an economy that appears to keep every decision maker frozen in mid summer, PublishAmerica is creating new jobs!

That's right: we are hiring. PublishAmerica creates American jobs. Why? Because we are growing so fast this summer. Because of authors like you.

This summer we have seen a 25 pct increase of new authors who are joining you. This month so far the increase is reaching even 65 pct. That's what is creating all these new jobs. You, a writers legion of more than 50,000, have made PublishAmerica the single largest no-cost, low-barrier traditional publisher in the world. You are creating the new jobs.

Everybody else says they’re cutting down. PublishAmerica is building up.

We. Are. Hiring.

That's good news. In fact, it's very good news.

So we are going to tell the White House.

We're going to tell Congress.

And we're going to tell your local NBC, ABC, Fox or CBS News station.

We're going to tell president Obama and the leaders in the House and the Senate, and your local U.S. Representative, that because of you, and authors like you, new American jobs are created. And we'll send the exact same message, naming you, to your local TV station.

What the country needs, is good news. This is good news.

Help us spread the word to Washington and to your own Congressman and to your local TV news station. Go to, activate for only $29, and we'll get your name out there in the most positive possible context. Because of you, we can create new American jobs.

More than one book published with PublishAmerica? Then you’re helping create even more jobs. We'll let the president, John Boehner, Harry Reid and your local Congressman, AND your local TV, know. Go to

Thank you,

--PublishAmerica Author Support Team

Good news indeed. It's great to know all of this negative publicity and public embarrassments (the infamous JK Rwoling incident) haven't hurt them in any way! Keep up the great work, PA!

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