Wednesday, October 5, 2011

PublishAmerica and the LA Review

According to the LA Review a submission is one book unless a LA Review editor has invited the submitter to send multiple submissions. It does not appear that PA has such an invitation. And I don't think that any PA book will be turned away by PA's "team of in-house experts."
"Simultaneous submissions are accepted if noted in the cover letter." This means that one must reference the editor who invited multiple submissions.
So, PA author does it look to you like your book will ever be seen by the LA Review?
"We are now open to submissions for The Los Angeles Review Issue 11, dedicated to John Rechy. We will close to submissions on October 15. Submissions received outside our reading periods will be discarded without notice.

Simultaneous submissions are accepted if noted in the cover letter. Please do not send multiple submissions unless an editor has invited you to do so. Response time is 1-3 months. Writers published in The Los Angeles Review will receive one contributor copy in exchange for first North American serial rights.

We encourage submitters to familiarize themselves with our journal before sending work. Ordering information can be found at"
The procedure is that a team of in-house experts will pre-review your book for inclusion in our final submission to the Los Angeles Review of Books. We will then write a pitch letter for the Los Angeles Review of Books and submit the selected books for their deliberation and consideration.
Money back: if your book does not make the final selection that goes to the Los Angeles Review of Books for their consideration, your activation fee will be refunded.
Must choose a shipping option to activate. No use of coupons allowed. Mention your book title.
DISCLAIMER: PublishAmerica has no affiliation with the Los Angeles Review of Books, and makes no claim to preferential access or other special treatment. No specific result from PublishAmerica's best efforts to represent and promote its authors and their books is suggested or guaranteed.

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