Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Rude PublishAmerica Author

All that I have had to say regarding PublishAmerica has been made public and I would never tell an author anything different privately than what is written in my articles. These articles were informative, honest and factual. I will never regret having authored these articles and I do consider them some of my best work.

I have long since known that PublishAmerica can pen pretty rude emails to it's authors. I have also learned that it's authors can dole out some pretty rude emails to the news media.

A few days ago, Miami Style Media was contacted regarding PublishAmerica. The letter was not addressed to anyone. Yet, the email address appears on this website as a point of contact. Miami Style's email is answered by a couple of our writers. Most of our inquiries never receive any personal response, even though we may publish the press releases or information we are sent. It gets to be a bit overwhelming sifting through press releases sent by PR companies and fashion designers, accepting or declining events, or giving a yes or no to samples. I get thousands of emails which is why I have to ask for help.

On August 1st, the above mentioned email was received by a disgruntled PublishAmerica author named Sherie Lynn. She was clearly asking for legal advice. Here is her letter for authenticity:

On Mon Aug 1st, 2011 3:45 AM EDT Sherie Guillory wrote:


I've been reading up on PA, and I was hoping you could help me. I published with them a couple of years ago. My story is a replica of what I've been reading thus far. I've kept all the emails from PA. Now, recently, they offered to nullify my contract with them for the very low price of $199.00. I want my book back, and I want PA's hands off of it completely, but I don't know how to go about this.

Can you please advise me on what to do in this situation?

Thank you,

Sherie Lynn Guillory
(Title of PA book redacted)

As you can see, she was asking this media company for legal advice. How does one not know how to "go about" paying the 199.00 to be let out of a contract with this publishing company? This author is clearly asking for legal advice about how to get out of a legally binding (like it or not) contract.

The media company responded with an honest and concise answer. Miami Style had no obligation to do so but took the time out for this author:

On Aug 1, 2011, at 12:00 PM,

No we can not. This is a legal matter. You need to consult an attorney not a news outlet.

This author writes back with this:

Understood! I wasn't expecting legal advice, but maybe just a few friendly need for you to be so rude, whoever you are!

Sherie Lynn

Then places links to her websites at the end of this email. If she didn't know whom she was writing, why would you send out random emails asking for legal advice? And from whom? She knew full well who she sent this to. She never asked for a few "pointers" she was asking how to get out of a contract and was given the correct response.

Authors have to be thick skinned if they are to succeed in publishing. If she thinks that telling her to consult an attorney was rude, I can imagine her reaction to book publishers who can truly be rude in their rejection letters.

The truth is, she did have a major news media's attention. This author could have sharpened her people skills, her sales skills and told us her story. Instead she dropped the ball for herself and future works with insults.

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