Friday, August 12, 2011


"Ladies Home Journal Rush by
Priority Option

Your book will be among the very first that we will bring to Ladies Home Journal's attention next week.

Go to if you have more than one book with PublishAmerica. We will urge the magazine to look at all of your titles next week before they make their next decision.

Must choose a shipping option to activate. Absolutely no use of coupons allowed. Mention your book title(s).ISBN: LadiesHomeJournalRush, , Buy $49.00"

Paula Commerford contacted the magazine and was assured they have never heard of PA's promo offer to the PA authors.

What will PublishAmerica do for your $49.00? Well, they say "We will urge the magazine next week to first look at your book before they announce next month's selection."

Urge the magazine? URGE THE MAGAZINE? What does that mean? Anyone can urge a magazine to look at his book. It won't make anything happen because it is just an urge. What does the author get for his $49.00? An urge is what he gets. How would an author who sent in his $49.00 know that PA urged the magazine?

Doesn't this offer indicate, from what PA says, that they know nothing at all about the magazine book review business?


Rev. Sinthyia said...

It's a sales gimmick that cannot be verified and that is why they do it. Can you prove they didn't actually "urge" this magazine to review these books? Well, as a news columnist I can tell you that I sincerely doubt it. I contacted PA about reviewing books for my column. What did PA do? They put me in touch with Shawn Street who wasted my time for over a week, emailing me press releases that I could tell were not professionally written. At the end of that well, I chose one book. Mr. Street URGED me to contact (which I did in the first place) to let them know. After more time was wasted, they said that they would not send me review copies, but instead URGED me to purchase them at full (fool) retail.

NO reviewers.. NO news columnists pay or would ever pay for their review copies. Period.

Rev. Sinthyia said...

By the way, I just left a message for Julie Pinkwater over at LHJ. Can wait to hear what she has to say! Will be sure to post it.

Rev. Sinthyia said...

Well, enough said. This offer has been removed from their website