Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Are there doubters or non believers out there of this alleged tax lien? I will show you where it is. It is a public record.

Go to on the left side of the screen where there is an entry for the last name enter meiners and scroll to the bottom and click on search.

A screen will come up showing all property recordings for Meiners. Scroll until you come to a record for Willem Meiners for Tax Lien Fed. Click on the record and the tax lien will come up on the right side.


Anonymous said...

I dare them to claim this is "simply, plainly false". Does Meiners still own the PA building in Maryland?

Phil said...

They never did own a building. But Meiners was the CEO of PA, Inc. but held no position in PA, LLLP.

If he still has an ownership position then PA, Inc. is "property" for this purpose and the lien attaches.

He isn't drawing a salary or they would have gone after that.

Both Alice and Willem are equally at risk and any money they have is also considered property.

We don't know if the tax bill was bigger and they paid it down but I think that happened.