Monday, May 2, 2011

Donations to keep this site open

This site is operated by Love and Light Ministries to keep people current on Publish America. It costs to keep the site open and Love and Light Ministries is requesting donations enough to cover the web hosting. Any consideration will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


Rev. Sinthyia said...

Thank you everyone. Our goal is to get this blog on its own domain to ensure that it stays open.

Anonymous said...

I hope people do donate. You see these authors being taken by PublishAmerica every day. They line their pockets. They should be willing to open their wallets to help this website and spread the word about this company.

Anonymous said...

I paid over two hundred dollars Rush Fee and was promised that my book would be published within two weeks!
What a scam! Just a big runaround!

Anonymous said...

Want your book in hand even faster? Want a copy in hand in roughly two weeks or so?

We can have your book's production completed in as little as one week providing there are no delays on your end!We will then rush your book to the printers and print and ship a single copy to you! You get all this for the low fee of $199.00. Please contact me right away if you want your book put to the head of the production line!
If you opt not to pay the fee, your book will goto the back of the line and wait for a formatter to begin work. Most books will be in print in six to nine months.

What a scam! Like a sucker, I trusted and paid the "Rush Fee" I get nothing but a run around and really doubt whether they will even publish my book at all!

Anonymous said...

The fact that PA is coming up with more pathetic gimmicks to rip off these authors coupled by the fact that that they are still scamming people shows you all just how valuable of a public service this website is providing. Donating will help this ministry advertise and get the word out to more potential victims. Which would you rather do? Line the pockets of PA or help get the word out about this publisher? I just sent in my donation via PayPal. Worth every penny!