Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How many E-Book conversions did you say?

A post from a PublishAmerica author:

"I was surprised with the Tsunami statement assuring us no one will be left behind. There must have been thousands of us authors taking advantage of the offer and paying up front. I did some research because I haven't recieved an answer from author support. I am only alittle concerned because P.A. has always backed up what they say but just in case I checked with my Credit card services. We don't have to be concerned if we do get left behind for too long. If the promised service is not produced within a reasonable time and we get no response from P.A., we can request a charge back and our money will be refunded to us. Then we can order the ebook when they get caught up. I don't see that happening but it helps dispense with the worry about losing our money. Some of us made substancial sacrifice for this offer. I've been working on the marketing end and don't know when to say the ebook option will be ready."

Thousands? Don't think so. As of March 9, 2011 PublishAmerica has 170 E-Books for sale in their catalog and online book store. One hundred and seventy books, not thousands. And at a charge of $99 there will be thousands of PublishAmerica authors who won't go near this.

The most popular PublishAmerica sales offer re converting books to something is the Kindle offer. Many authors paid for this service. That is strange to me because an author can convert his/her book to Kindle themselves. Why pay PublishAmerica a fee on top of the actual low cost?

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Sharon said...

My book "A Child and a Monster" publish by PA
What a nightmare-Just a few points there are more:
• They published only part of my book and told me a second book would be better
• They did not fix the amendments and corrections
• They said I did not get a check (first Royalties) - because I only sold 8 books and I personally know of 100 that were sold thru them.
• They are rude and laugh into the phone when you call
• They never answer emails
• They are now sending emails 6 a day saying you order will be shipped and is at the printer-I have not ordered from the in a year and all these book are coming thru UPS and regular Mail. I have no idea what this is about and I can't get them by phone or email now.
i wrote my story concerning child abuse to help others dealing with their pain now and the survival-I wanted to open the public’s eyes and donate a % of my sales to ChildHelp. I would like to join any petitions or lawsuits against them. If you can let me know what direction I should go - I would appreciate it. I feel like a fool and i know if I had finished my book my way it would be helping many abused children and adult survivors out there.
Sharon Captain "A Child and A Monster"