Wednesday, December 1, 2010

PublishAmerica: Details of the Atlantic City Convention

PublishAmerica is "finalizing" this convention in Atlantic City and while they're doing that, I'm contacting Bally's as a news reporter. After all, a convention of this size would be newsworthy, don't you think? I'll let you know what I find out, but suspect this is no different than any of the other "donations" that I have investigated where the recipeint has never even heard from PublishAmerica. I am awaiting a response from my contact at the hotel.

"Veterans from 2004 remember how much fun this is:

Meet other authors who are like you. Learn from their experiences. Share
> your own. Meet publishers, agents, book sellers, news reporters. Attend
> presentations by successful authors. Join discussions about how to market
> your book and yourself. Spend unforgettable time with your fellow writers.
> Stand out, rent a booth.
> And try your luck in a world-renowned casino. Join the 2011
> Published Authors Convention
> in Atlantic City, June 8, 9, 10!
> It's going to be crowded. This is all about authors like you. Make your
> reservations early, book today!
> Sponsoring this unique event, probably the world's largest of its kind,
> PublishAmerica is finalizing arrangements with Bally's Atlantic City Hotel &
> Casino. In order to help establish exactly how much convention space to
> reserve, we now invite you to snap up your admission passes and/or
> exhibition booth at Early Bird rates. Prices will go up soon.
> Bally's Atlantic City Hotel & Casino is located smack dab in the middle of
> Atlantic City's famous boardwalk. Early June is a spectacular time to be on
> the New Jersey shore. After you have made your reservation we will contact
> you to see if you want us to also make your hotel room reservations for you.
> The earliest of Early birds qualify for special Convention room rates at
> Bally's.
> We expect attendance to be in the thousands.
> Reserve your admission pass for all 3 convention days. Go to
> Bring your spouse or friends!
> If you want to spend only one day inside the world of books and writing,
> reserve a day pass. Go to
> Important: this Published Authors Convention will be so big that you want to
> reserve exhibition booth space. It allows you to present your book in the
> best possible way to a large and diverse gathering of writers and book
> sellers and buyers. This convention will be advertised all over the country.
> Show and sell your book, present yourself, reserve booth space. Go to
> Follow instructions there,
> incl. how you may share booth space with others. Full-time convention
> admission for two is included.
> We're looking forward to meeting you in person at the Convention!
> --PublishAmerica Author Support team"


Rev. Sinthyia Darkness said...

Notice that PA states-as they always do that they are "finalizing" things. They never wait until they are standing on solid ground before opening their mouths to get authors to open their wallets. You can bet that if he deal doesn't go through the authors who reserved a booth won't see any refund.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe they have any intention of having a convention. It is just a play for more money from their authors.

PA will milk it for a few weeks or months and then just drop the whole thing.

Will any money sent to them by authors be refunded? No! Remember, authors, PA can go out of business at any time the choose


Rev. Sinthyia Darkness said...

I agree. Nonetheless, I am still waiting any sort of confirmation. Perhaps Bally's can explain what type of convention this is supposed to be... I mean, is this a convention open to other publishers or is this simply a big PA get together with all authors in the same boat? Has Bally's heard from them at all? or is this like the Get Caught Reading donation that never happened nor did the charity ever hear from PA.

I hope to be able to answer those questions in the next few days.

Rev. Sinthyia Darkness said...

By the way, if it is for real, I can get a press pass with no problem. I would have to pass the hat for hotel and travel expenses but I would be willing to go and report on it for all of you.

Heck, I can talk to Bally's about renting a booth for myself! Whose with me?