Thursday, May 13, 2010

Do you have a PublishAmerica story to tell?

If you have a story to tell about PublishAmerica and would like to help spread the word, please email us at to become a contributor here or to submit your story for inclusion on this blog.

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margaret.curry1 said...

I have just been scammed by PublishAmerica. I live in Northern Ireland and I checked out the internet looking for a publisher about 5 yrs ago. I sent them two books - a poetry book and a novel. The bottom line is the novel is now being published complete with errors and they wouldn't accept the final corrected version. So I am publicly denouncing my own book. I am boycotting and have told everyone I know NOT to buy. Its called "Ma's Secret" by Margaret Curry - so DON'T buy it if you do you'll end up using it as expensive loo paper.