Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Money Trail

Where does the money trail begin and end? Good question. I have been tracing the trail myself for the authors who have been duped by Publish America. It makes me very sad that there are people posting on message boards saying things like if people are so gullible and stupid they deserve to get ripped off.. thats a terrible attitude to have. Its blaming the victim for the crime. My heart breaks for these authors whos hopes and dreams have been shattered.

Publish America has made claims that their location is in Baltimore. Thats a lie. Their location is in Frederick Maryland and actually they are using several addresses. First is the P.O. box, 151 Frederick MD, 21705-0151. We trace that to 111 E. Church Street 21701, the registered agent according to Maryland's tax assessment property records is Victor Edward Cretella III, an attorney who worked for just over ten years with the Gordon and Simmons lawfirm, only to leave his full time position to serve as counsel for PA, a publisher which he had a relationship with for years before leaving the law firm.

From there we discover that PA is also using the address of 230 E Patrick Street . Now we're getting closer to the truth. Its like peeling back layer after layer to get to the bottom of this. This building is a townhouse and was purchased in March of 1998 by Lawrence A. Clopper III and Donna Piazza. Despite the fact that its zoned for residential use, it is being used for commercial purposes and not only by Publish America.

Publish America is owned by two parties: Larry Clopper III and Kirk Monroe. Willem Meiners is the president and Miranda Prather the executive director.

There are several phone numbers listed for this company

302-631-9073 (fax)

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